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When you have any contact with police or other law enforcement officers, your basic rights as a citizen and potentially your freedom are at stake.
Aside from the stress of the moment and the very real possibility of paying fines and/or serving jail time, any criminal charges filed against you can have a devastating effect on your future. Your ability to further your education, obtain employment, impact on immigration, housing, ability to own firearms can be severely affected by any criminal charges or convictions.

Contact us to discover what your legal options are, and to learn how to best protect your interests. We will work with you to protect your reputation and pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

​Law Offices of Joseph Hennessey

If you are pulled over while driving or contacted in any other way by a law enforcement officer, you are at a disadvantage if you do not have the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney. We can advise you and help guide you through any situation involving an accusation of criminal conduct.
We represent clients in all areas of criminal defense, defending misdemeanor and felony charges, including:
- Driving while under the influence
-  Drug (controlled substance) crimes
- Vehicle and property forfeiture
- Assault crimes
- Theft crimes
- Probation/parole violation
- Driving violations
- sexual offenses
- Sex offender registry classification
- Burglary

When a law enforcement officer says, "Anything you say can be used against you," you are dealing with someone who has been trained in drawing out information from witnesses and suspects. Without knowing it, you may say something that sounds incriminating, even if you are not guilty of anything. Before you say anything to the police, call us. You need sound advice and guidance from an attorney whose job it is to safeguard your rights and handle these very serious matters.
Before you speak with any law enforcement officer, prosecuting attorney or anyone else about your situation, contact Attorney Joe Hennessey. Joe Hennessey represents clients in criminal or traffic matters throughout Massachusetts including Boston and Worcester areas. 

Types of Cases Handled

Drug Offenses

Sex Offenses

Domestic Violence

If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is crucial that you discuss the circumstances of your arrest with a knowledgeable attorney  as soon as possible. In doing so, you can ensure that your lawyer will have enough time to thoroughly examine the evidence that is being held against you and challenge any inconsistencies that arise. If your arrest stemmed from the unlawful search of your car, for example, our team can move quickly to file a motion for the suppression of evidence. This, in turn, may result in the dismissal of your charges.
Similarly, we could take an affirmative stance by proving that you had been in possession of drugs for personal use, rather than for the purpose of distribution. This could lead a reduction in charges, which may ultimately prevent you from spending any time in jail. Regardless of the circumstances in which you were arrested, however, our firm can take the time to review the facts of your case and build the strongest defense possible. For this reason, we encourage you to contact us today for a free initial consultation.
Attorney Hennessey spent 7 1/2 years working undercomver with 2 differnet drug units.  He knows the tactics used by police.  He knows an illegal stop and an illegal search. 
If you have been charged with a sex crime, you are facing what could be one of the most severely punished crimes in the state. Not only are you subject to social and familial backlash, you could be looking at extensive jail time as well as registration with the Sex Offender Registry Board for a minimum of 20 years of your life- meaning your name, address, birth date, race, sex, address and much more personal information will be collected and made available to the public.
This will affect your ability to obtain work, bank loans and a place of residence. If you are found guilty of any sex offense you will most likely serve a form of jail sentence. 
A felony offense is a serious matter, but the experienced attorneys at Hennesseylaw can help. Being convicted of any type of sex crime can severely damage your future opportunities—and not to mention,  severe prison sentence—so it is imperative to act quickly in the interest of your defense.
It can be extremely upsetting to face this type of criminal charge, and Joseph Hennessey, a former certified sexual assault investigator, can help.  Do not hesitate to contact Attorney Hennessey and Hennesseylaw for a free consultation. 
Domestic violence charges are common and, unfortunately, often entirely unfounded. A heated quarrel can leave one party so upset that they call the police and things quickly escalate into a case of "he said, she said." Without the right legal counsel, you may find it difficult to disprove the allegations held against you.  Often its discovered that the allegation is false, one party attempts to use a false allegation to garner an advantage in a divorce of child support matter.
Our firm has years of legal experience. We understand the serious impact that domestic violence charges can have on your future and are here to pursue the most optimistic outcome possible. When you retain Attorney Hennessey and Hennesseylaw, you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond when fighting your charges.
The penalties for domestic violence offenses are serious and can include time in prison, heavy fines, orders to attend certified battieriers classess and restitution to the victim. Those who are convicted of this crime can find it difficult to obtain future employment, apply for loans, and repair broken relationships.
Many times, domestic violence charges can be inflated or entirely fabricated. At Hennesseylaw, we truly understand how to challenge unsubstantiated allegations. We have the experience and dedication needed to uphold your rights in court. We make it a priority to enhance your chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

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Assault and Battery

Although often used interchangeably or used together to describe one offense, assault and battery are actually two separate crimes in Massachusetts. While assault is defined as the attempt or threat of bodily harm, battery is carrying out this attempt or threat. The severity of assault and battery charges will vary depending on the extent of injury, whether a weapon was used, and the circumstances of the offense, a person accused of assault and/or battery may face jail.
Are you facing assault or battery charges, or both? Hennesseylaw can offer you the information and guidance you need to fight these charges. I represent clients throughout Massachusetts and offer a free consultation to help you get started. By contacting my firm, you can speak with me about what you've experienced and can get information that is applicable to your unique situation. I'll be happy to take the time to really help you and address your concerns.
In handling cases involving assault and battery in the Boston and Worcester areas, I take care to fully evaluate the matter and determine the best approach. For example, I may be able to argue that contact was unintentional, or that you acted in self-defense or in defense of others. These are typically the most common defenses to assault and battery, but I may also explore other options that may entirely disprove that the act occurred at all, that the witness's testimony cannot be trusted, or that the alleged victim invented the event for reasons of jealousy, anger, or revenge. The defense strategy that may apply to your unique case may vary.
Contact a criminal defense attorney!
As a former police officer, I have the benefit of understanding the other side of criminal cases. 23 years as a police officers and 9 years thus far in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer have allowed me to help my client in the face of serious assault and battery charges.

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